Allotment of Residential Apartment in “21st Milestone Residency” at Ghaziabad

As there is no provision for saving the draft application, please keep all the relevant information handy before commencing filling of the application form and fill the application form in one go.
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I/We hereby declare that the above particulars given by me/us are true and correct. Any allotment against this application is subject to the terms and conditions attached herewith. I/we undertake to inform the company of any change in my/our address or in my other particular/information, given above, till the booked property is registered in my/our name(s) failing which the particulars shall be deemed to be correct and the letter sent at the recorded addresses by the company shall deemed to have been received by me/us. In case any information furnished is found to be incorrect, false or concealed, the application is liable to be rejected and amount paid will be forfeited.

The Application Amount/Booking Amount i.e. Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh only) is non-refundable. IIDL reserves the right to withdraw the Scheme without assigning any reason and in such case, shall refund the booking amount without any interest thereon.