Land along with structure admeasuring 30 Cottahs (approx.).

The property is located on the circus connector near Science City

The place is known as"China Town".



Land and Industrial Shed admeasuring 8 Hectares 61 ares & 17 centares

Estimated 21.279 acres

The premises is enclosed and well-guarded

Matheswartola Road, Kolkata


Ariyur Village, Puducherry




Property is located on Main Delhi-Meerut road, Within 2 Km from Shaheed Sthaal Metro Station

The Property admeasuring 8400 sq.yd.

The property is in the close proximity of Bus Stand, Hospital, residential         colonies & various automobiles showroom.

The plot is having building structures which can be used for workshop operations






Harbans Nagar, Ghukhana,Ghaziabad